Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Ben Talks, Hines Whines

Ben Roethlisberger has come out and told the media he would like to see the Steelers acquire a tall WR, and Hines Ward isn't having it. In a response Ward stated:

"I don't hear Tom Brady or Peyton Manning asking for that. I don't know, whatever he says. I have no idea. To me, it's a rare combination of receivers out there who are good and tall. We won a Super Bowl; we didn't have a tall receiver then. I don't see Tom Brady caring about who's tall or not. He got Randy this year, but he did it before without him."

I wonder... maybe if Hines would realize he's not the messiah of receivers the Steelers could keep a decent core around Ben. Hines is a classic egomanic WR but people tend to overlook that due to his hustle. He still talks too much trash for my taste, and now he's causing problems in the locker room. Will the Steelers draft a tall WR (Arkansas' 6'6 Marcus Monk maybe)or will Hines keep whining? Next time on
As the Steelers turn....

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