Thursday, January 31, 2008

2009 Draft Class: Impressive Receivers

There are two pass catchers who I have my eye on as bona fide early entrants and first day picks in the 2009 NFL Draft. Texas Tech's Mike Crabtree and USC's David Ausberry.

But why talk about 2009 WR's? Because outside of Malcom Kelly and Eddie Royal no one in 2008 particularly excites me. There are some good recievers in this years class, but no Roy Williams or Santana Moss type 'cant miss' prospects.

Crabtree lit the turf on fire this year, and is simply the most exciting after the catch player I've seen since #5 was driving his Benz at USC.

Speaking of USC, they have a VERY impressive receiver in David Ausberry. At 6'5 with way better speed than former record setter Dwayne Jarrett, Ausberry is looking like a top 15 pick next year if Sanchez can get the ball to him enough in '09. Just remember who told you first.

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