Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Ray Rice Watch

Now that I've calmed down about the whole Broncomania fiasco I can get back to analyzing the prospects in this year's draft. One of the most interesting prospects in my opinion is Rutger's Ray Rice. If you don't remember Rice was the KEY componet in Rutger's surge to the BCS last year and was a Heisman finalist with 1,794 yards.

But here's the thing you didn't know... this season
Rice ran for 2,012 yards on only 380 carries. The boy averaged almost 5 1/2 yards per touch. He is constantly criticized for his lack of speed but when you top 2,000 yards it is impressive no matter if you do it 5 yards at a time or 70. Rice is currently the #6 rated back on most boards behind ECU's Chris Johnson. I believe some lucky team will get a good one in this New Yorker.

Check out Rice in action:

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