Friday, February 8, 2008

Broncomania is Full of Idiots

Today I get the pleasure of knowing that I've been banned from the Denver Broncos official Broncomania forum. It figures, in the last few weeks Ive been going hard against a few members in the forums who suggest the Broncos are taking Rashard Mendenhall in the first round.

Whether we draft Mendenhall or not is a moot point. The point is the degree of incompetence the moderators on that site have shown. Thread after thread they have allowed members "lancane" and "BroncoKazuki" to spin every thread into a pro Mendenhall thread. Even if the thread is about defensive players, one or both come into the thread spewing out B.S. "information" about defensive prospects dropping and their boy toy Mendenhall rising.
The mods over there have done nothing about it, and when I try to show the other side of the coin that we may very likely NOT draft him I get banned. Total crap in my opinion. Yes, I was condescending to other members but it was nothing compared to the constant double teams with assistance from mods members over there have to endure if they dare speak ill of the golden Illini.

Its really pointless to retaliate against them because the whole legion's minds are all already made up. If we don't draft Mendenhall all you will see are threads whining about why Kenny Phillips, Dan Conner, or whoever we draft "sucks" and "was a reach" before he steps foot on a field.

You can hope and censor people all you want but the Broncos will not be taking Rashard Mendenhall this spring.

Bank on it.

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