Friday, July 27, 2007

Where Will Vick Land?

By now you have probably heard of Michael Vick's trial regarding his involvement in an alleged dog fighting ring. It seems as if the Falcons are completely washing their hands of him, and have recently refused to name Mike by name and refer to him instead as "the player." That had me thinking, where are some soft spots Mike could land after all of this?

Option #4- Minnesota Vikings
Young Tavaris Jackson is manning the ship (hopefully not the fun one) in Minnesota right now. He lacks major game experience, and comes from a small school. Will he be the next Steve McNair? Time will tell, but Vick would be great insurance.

Option #3- Jacksonville Jaguars
They have Garrard and Leftwich, but that hasn't stopped them from courting Daunte Culpepper as of late. Vick combines Garrards mobility with Leftwich's arm, it could be a decent fit.

Option #2- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
They tried to trade for Jake the Fake, and have 6 Quarterbacks on their roster right now. Assuming the aging Jeff Garcia doesn't get them to the promise land, Jeff Gruden may have to take desperate measures to secure his job. Vick would get to lay it to Arthur twice a year as an added bonus.

Option #1- Baltimore Ravens
This is the most likely destination from a city and football perspective. A rough, forgiving, city that has stayed with Ray Lewis and Steve McNair through thick and thin would be a nice soft spot for Mike to land. The Ravens have Troy Smith and Kyle Boller on their roster, but who really takes either of their NFL chances seriously? Baltimore is a city that would not only love to have Vick under center, but they would embrace him with a hometown like love Mike needs at this time in his career.

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