Sunday, July 15, 2007

Falcons Sign Unknown Japanese Reciever

What's wrong with the folks down in Atlanta?

Fresh off a disappointing passing season for Michael Vick and disheartening rumors about dog fighting, the Falcons once again set Mike up for career sabotage.

Their latest signing is 5-10 179 pound Noriaki Kinoshita from NFL Europa. Now, I like NFL Europe players but another developmental receiver is not what the Falcons need. The already have Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, Brian "Broken Leg" Finneran, and the oldie but goodie Joe Horn. Not to mention last season they drafted Arena League receiver Troy Bergeron and imported Broncos bust receiver Ashley Lelie.

Can the Falcons get it done? Not with Rod out on an endzone amber alert, Finneran's career hanging in the balance, and Joe Horn getting older as I type...

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