Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Getting Rid of NFL Europe? Bad Idea.

The NFL had it right, then destroyed it.

They announced last week that they were destroying their overseas developmental league after 16 seasons. And while they do have very highly paid decision makers who made this decision, I cant help but disagree.

For one, the league produced some great stars. Players such as Jake Delhomme, Kurt Warner, and Dante Hall all refined their skills in Europe before making it to Pro Bowl levels as NFL starters. If it weren't for NFL Europe, Kurt would still be stocking shelves in that convience store.

The league gave players a chance to continue their professional careers. Otherwise, they wouldn't have a chance outside of arena ball and we know the league takes arena players as serious as Tedd Ginn's Pro Bowl chances.

With all this said, its sad to see the league go. I actually enjoyed watching Jarrett Payton and others rip it up over there. Will the NFL regret their decision? Will Mark Cuban's new football league capitalize on this? Only time will tell.

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