Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Unconventional Draft Busts

Here are a few guys I think may be busts and why...

**Strictly Opinions**

1. Calvin Johnson- Put away the annoting oils. If he goes to the Lions or Raiders he will get squat done in his career. Not even God wearing #21 can catch the ball EVERY play and score EVERY TD.

2. Jamarcus Russell- he's fat and can throw far. Im not impressed. Put down the mash potates and pickup some footwork.

3. Joe Thomas- a cant miss BUST. Just like Gallery, just like Ferguerson.

4. Jamaal Anderson- having that name cant be good on a resume for the NFL.

5. Theodore Ginn, Jr.- His name is THEODORE. Need I say more?! Also, he wants to play corner? Hmm thats a load of confidence you can be a NFL WR Theo!

6. Joe Staley- he looks like a fat Adam Sandler. And he's only been playing tackle for season or so... so basically your drafting a tightend who cant catch. I'll pass on the waterboy.

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