Friday, May 28, 2010

Patrick Crayton Wants His Release NOW

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In today's "news everyone saw coming" WR Patrick Crayton has requested his release from the Cowboys just a month after the team drafted WR Dez Bryant in the NFL Draft. I said in the video below just a few days ago that Dez Bryant was causing problems in the Dallas locker room, and not the way we thought he was. The presence of the younger talented Bryant has caused all sorts of ruffles in the feathers of Pat Crayton and Roy Williams.

Here is a partial quote from
DALLAS -- Wide receiver Patrick Crayton, who doesn't believe the Dallas Cowboys plan to keep him on the roster this season, said Friday the team is "messing with people's careers and people's lives" and that he wants to be released immediately.

Really Pat? Dez Bryant is messing with your life?

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