Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alleged Ex-Girlfriend of Colts Wayne Accused of Stealing $93k

In today's "news no one saw coming" according to ProFootballTalk a woman who is claiming she is Reggie Wayne's ex-girlfriend has been accused of stealing over $93,000 from the Colts WR. This would be a non-story except for the fact that Wayne is married.

Here are the details:

Metro Indianapolis police and FBI investigators are looking into claims of fraud against a woman who claims to be Reggie Wayne’s mistress.

After obtaining a search warrant, 15 FBI agents took materials from 26-year-old Natasha McKenzie’s home after she was accused of stealing his debit card, and charging nearly $93,000 on it, according to Fox 59 in Indianapolis.

The story isn’t simple, though. Wayne apparently had a relationship with the woman. He said she requested he wire her money. When he refused, he noticed “more than 300 unaccounted for transactions dating back to September 2009″ according to WISH-TV.
Ms. McKenzie has done a television interview in which she claims that Wayne knew exactly what she was doing with the card:

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