Thursday, April 22, 2010

Live Draft Blog: T minus 15 minutes!

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So we are back in effect one full year later!

First of all I want EVERYONE to signup at RIGHT NOW if you haven't. Tons of good football discussion over there, and Im one of the owners :)

Anyways... lets get into the last minute stories:

Sam Bradford: Would he rather be a Brown or a Ram?

Either way he's getting a raw deal. If I was Sam Id rather be a Ram because Stephen Jackson will make life easier on him and all they'll need are some receivers on offense to start being competitive again.

Josh McDaniels you better freaking not... down for Tim FREAKING Tebow. The wonderful FB at QB. Listen, Tebow is a fantastic athlete and is a wonderful person. But he is not a NFL QB. He has a terrible throwing motion. He is used to running over defenders which wont happen against Lights Out Merriman and others. It would be the worst pick in Broncos history.

Just take Dez or Odrick!!!!!!!

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