Monday, November 30, 2009

Worst Mock Draft Ever

Brought to you by Project KSL of fan forums.

10.) Denver Broncos *From Chicago*: Tim Tebow QB Florida ( I know, I know.....what am I thinking? I think over the past month we've discovered that Kyle Orton is not the long term solution, he's just not. That said, I think he'll be resigned and then Denver will draft Tebow to sit and learn the offense a bit before grabbing the reigns. Tebow is a winner, plain and simple, he makes everyone around him better, he is the definition of "clutch", and what he plays at Florida is SOMEWHAT similar to what Denver runs offensively, lots of plays from shotgun, quick reads, and fast throws. Tebow would also add an element of mobility to the QB position, something Denver lacks immensely right now. I could be way off with this, but I really think McDaniels may want Tebow.)

Is he smoking something?

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