Saturday, February 28, 2009

Josh McDaniels to Trade Jay Cutler

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Mark my words.

Jay Cutler will not be the long term answer for the Denver Broncos. He may last a year, maybe two, but I ultimately see him leaving. Everyone here agrees the kid is a stud on the field, but time after time he has shown immaturity and a real lack of professionalism off. And who cares about the trade..I'm referencing back to Shanahan days.

Mike Shanahan left Josh McDaniels with a Quarterback that basically can do whatever he pleased without consquence. Bret Farve no. 2 in every since of the word. McDaniels has already shown he is not playing after cutting Dre Bly and 5 defensive starters along with him.

And to those that say "fire the coach!" it won't happen. Too much dead money is tied up in Travis Henry and Mike Shanahan right now. On top of that Pat Bowlen is a guy that in the past has let "masterminds" work independently and judged by the results.

So ask yourself this:

Can the stern, by the book coach and the unorthodox gunslinger Quarterback co-exist?

Personally, I dont think this marriage isn't going to last long.

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