Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who Will Go #1?

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Here's what I think will happen.

If the RAMS get the first pick:
I see them taking Jake Long. Orlando Pace isn't getting any younger and you might as well develop another tackle with Alex Barron sooner rather than later. They don't need a RB so McFadden wouldn't make sense, but I wouldn't rule out them taking a top QB if the organization decides to move on from Bulger.

If the DOLPHINS get the first pick:
I see them taking the top QB available, which I project to be Andre Woodson or Matt Ryan. There is one rule in the NFL Draft: If you don't have a franchise QB, you must take one.

If the FALCONS get the first pick:
I see them taking Brian Brohm. I don't have Brohm as my #1 QB, but his ties to Petrino justifies the pick. They and quietly phase out the Harrington era and try their chances with their new franchise QB.

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