Thursday, March 18, 2010

Broncos Trade for Quinn? Why?

It's been two days since Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders brought the former Notre Dame Quarterback into Dove Valley. As a fan I am still scratching my head. Sure, Quinn has been coveted by McDaniels for over a year now but was it necessary to trade for him with Kyle Orton already tendered as the starter for 2010? To McDaniels the answer seems to be yes.

In his defense, I can understand it from a fiscal point of view. It's like getting that pair of shoes you always wanted but couldn't afford off the clearance rack. Quinn was clearly not wanted in Cleveland and all it cost the Broncos was a backup fullback and two low round picks. For what that's worth, probably three guys who would never make the roster. Quinn also will only make $700k unless he takes a certain percentage of the snaps. Thats a third less than what the Broncos paid Chris Simms.

From a football point of view I really do not get it. You know the old saying, if you have two quarterbacks you have none. This move just seems to complicate things. Kyle Orton has one year on his deal, and was tendered as the presumed starter. Bringing in Quinn at this point makes it look like Orton could very well be playing his last season in Denver next year. How long will it be before CBS cuts to Brady Quinn warming up on the sideline after another three and out by Orton?

I understand that McDaniels couldn't resist coaching a player he covets at the cost of a player he didn't use plus two unknowns. I just hope it doesn't shake up what the Broncos had going in 2009. Sure, Orton is conservative and doesn't throw with the best of them. But he got the Broncos through a .500 season after no one thought they'd win four games. Quinn hasn't done anything up to this point in his career and replacing someone reliable during his career for someone that has been a disappointment could be a huge mistake.

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