Monday, July 7, 2008

2009's Surprise Teams

marshawn lynch

I found this interesting, a few guys from the GameFaqs Madden 09 board got into a discussion about surprise teams and this comment came up, which I totally agree with.

"Matt Forte will give the Bears electricity on offense, but AD did that too and the Vikes only went 8-8, mainly because they could only rely on the running game. Once the Bears get some good WRs, maybe a better QB (I'm not going to say it's a big need until after this season, because before he got injured in the Washington game, Rex was looking the most consistent of his career), and a better O-Line, then they would be considered a "sleeper" because they can actually get points that way.

Broncos have good RBs, a decent QB, and Ryan Clady should come in and do wonders. I consider them a contender for the wildcard. If the Chargers mess something up, then the Broncos are going to be right there to win the division. I'm not saying the Chargers ARE going to bomb, but it's if they do.

I agree with the guy who said the Buffalo Bills also. Trent Edwards was looking good last year, Marshawn Lynch is one of the Top 15 (I'd rank him about 12th) backs in the league, and Lee Evans is an underrated stud. That second receiver is what they need for true success."

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