Friday, August 31, 2007

Top Quarterbacks in 07

Here are a few of the Quarterbacks to watch for in the 2007 NFL Draft.

1. Andre Woodson, Kentucky
Can Woodson be this year's Jay Cutler? The stats say so, but he has to continue his upswing on the field to go high on draft day.

2. Josh David Booty, USC
Can USC's leader fall in the footsteps of Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart? I don't believe Booty is nearly as good as the former USC QB's but he can easily lead his loaded squad to a title this year.

3. Colt Brennan, Hawaii
Can Colt continue to put up monster stats against the WAC? Of course. Can he do it in the NFL? Time will tell.

4. Brian Brohm, Louisville
Can Brian bring the Heisman to Louisville?

5. Colt McCoy, Texas
Can Colt make the next step towards being Texas' next great QB? I'd say yes after his spectacular freshman season.

6. Dennis Dixon, Oregon
Can Dennis Dixon be this year's Troy Smith?

7. Matt Ryan, Boston College
Matt Ryan is everyone's quiet favorite. Let's see if what he can do in the ACC.

8. Pat White, West Virgina
Pat White comes back to a loaded WVU offense. Can he prove that he can also throw the ball? We'll see.

9. Chad Henne, Michigan
Henne and Mike Hart guarantee a national title this year. Let's see if they deliver.

10. Matt Flynn, LSU
Will Flynn get LSU to another national title?

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