Tuesday, March 27, 2007

March 27th Mock!

1. Oakland- Calvin Johnson WR GT
Do you really think it matters who the QB is in Oakland? Without a offensive line, they will suffer. I expect Moss to be a Packer on Draft day, and even if the Rodgers trade does not happen David Carr is now an option over Jamarcus Russell.

2. Detroit- Jamarcus Russell QB LSU
I am not believing for one second that they will take an offensive tackle at #2.

3. Cleveland- Brady Quinn QB ND
Cleveland has their RB, and they have problems at QB. I can see Quinn being the pick here.

4. Tampa- Amboi Okoye DT Louisville
They like Okoye more than Branch and their guy CJ is off the board.

5. Arizona- Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
They cut virtually their entire OL. Time to rebuild.

6. Washington- Gaines Adams DE Clemson
Gaines is a big DE that can play inside or outside.

7. Minnesota- Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
This team needs an answer at DE. Erasmus James was a huge disappointment last year.

8. Atlanta- Laron Landry FS LSU
They traded infront of Houston to assure them this selection. AP is on the board, however they have Noorwood and Dunn on deck. Safety has always been this teams weakness and they will cement it with Laron Landry.

9. Houston- Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
They trade with Atlanta then cut Domanick Wiliams the next day. Conscidence? I think not.

10. Miami- Alan Branch DT Michigan
Nick Saban is a liar. Just wanted to say that, solid pick here.

11. San Francisco- Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
They shell out a billion dollars to Nate Clemets to sure up the corner spot. Now they give Manny Lawson and co. a new running buddy in Carriker.

12. Buffalo- Marshawn Lynch RB Cal
They traded Willis and haven't made an effort to replace him yet. Their guy Lynch could be gone on draft day if they keep tipping their hand like this.

13. St. Louis- Reggie Nelson SS Florida
Adam Archuleta he is exactly who we thought he was.

14. Carolina- Patrick Willis Mississippi
How long will we rely on Captain Morgan? Thought so.

15. Pittsburgh- Jarvis Moss DE Florida
The Steelers are rumored to be switching their D next year. Either way, they need a tweener like Jarvis.

16. Green Bay- Greg Olsen TE The U
With Ahman gone, Brett back and a great young WR in Jennings this team can afford to take a TE here.

17. Jacksonville-Leon Hall CB
They are still searching for a #1 WR but corner is a glaring need.

18. Cincinatti- Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh
Their corners are old. And Darrelle wont get arrested anytime soon.

19. Tennessee- Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
Titans fans rejoice. They take the local who is 3 inches taller than Teddy Ginn.

20. New York Giants- Levi Brown OT Penn State
Could be a top 10 selection on draft day.

21. Denver- Michael Griffin FS Texas
Denver has the league's worst special teams unit and Griffin is a ST nightmare. Griffin also becomes their best cover S immediately.

22. Dallas- Brandon Merriweather S The U
Merriweather stomps the competition and sneaks in round one.

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23. Kansas City- Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
Jarrett has speed issues like Charles Rodgers and Mike Williams but he will succeed in Kansas City's offense with LJ anchoring it.

24. New England- Paul Posluszny LB Penn State
Time for the dy-nasty to reload.

25. New York Jets- Aaron Ross CB Texas
New York hopes they get this year's sleeper rookie CB.

26. Philadelphia- Jon Beason LB The U
But they just got TKO!!!!! I know, I know. They still need to replace Trotter as he is getting up there in age.

27. New Orleans- Chris Houston CB Arkansas
They need to sure up the D to offset that high powered O.

28. New England- Eric Weddle SS Utah
A SS/CB tweener that can play either position. The dy-nasty always is thin at either position so Weedle is a huge help.

29. Baltimore- Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State
Helps the D as they make a serious run this year.

30. San Diego- Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
Bowe gets to don the ugliest uni's in league history. Sorry D.

31. Chicago- Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
If Chicago stays down here I expect them to go with a WR to help Rex, or a safety or linebacker.
Im tempted to give them Buster Davis but ah... Rice it is.

32. Indianapolis- Buster Davis LB FSU
Cato June's replacement.

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Anonymous said...

Cash, my sources tell me the Lions are and were never interested in JaMarcus Russell. Lions GM Matt Millen learned his lesson with Charles Rogers and to a lesser extent Mike Williams.

Talent will not be a deciding factor for the Lions. The new coaching staff focuses more on intangibles and football character. I see the Lions taking Quinn before Russell--however, the Lions would like to trade down and take Thomas or Gaines Adams.